Virtual CTO:

Strategy you won’t regret

Tech choices are hard and incredibly impactful. Wouldn’t you love to have the guidance of an experienced CTO. For advice or a second opinion. But hiring a CTO is taking it too far. We got you.

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You need to make choices for your IT landscape

Which technology is going to propel you into the future? Which choice is sustainable and which one will force you to revise your landscape in a few years? Tough choices. But don’t worry: we can help.

We have experience in designing IT landscapes, in combining the best tech available to make stronger, more sustainable businesses. With our virtual CTO you get the guidance you need without the hassle of recruiting.

From Business to IT strategy

It is the most important role of the CTO: translating the Business Strategy into an IT Strategy. A good CTO understands good governance and knows how to factor commercial interests into the choices. And most of all, knows which technology choices support the organization’s long-term strategy.

The benefits of a Virtual CTO

The right help, instantly

You need to make the right choices at the start. The sooner you have an expert’s help you make those choices, the better. No time for long recruitment processes.

Limited to the time you need

No need to put someone on your payroll permanently. Just assistence in the timeframe you need it most.

Smarts and experience

You get to leverage the smarts and experience of someone who’s been around and knows what works and what doesn’t.

Our clients include…

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