Three weeks building an MVP

Apr 2, 2024

Part IV of our experience with Reverse Engineering our Excel killer

We left the meeting with our client in our last blog blazing with enthusiasm. With our first technical insights and a concrete use case, we are going to build our MVP.

We clearly distinguish between our product and our customers’ use cases in our process. Our MVP must have all the functionality needed to solve their problem. But we do develop our product according to our own development principles:

  • Using the tool must be super simple and fast;
  • All documentation is created automatically, and all processes must be transparent and auditable; 
  • The resulting solution must be hyper-agile: you must be able to make adjustments to your process or business ruling within minutes;
  • The product should not create customization but rather prevent it.

A minimal viable product is a product’s first version that is functional enough to be marketable, but still offers a limited number of features compared to the intended end product.

After our customer meeting, we continue to build continuously for three weeks. Then, the day arrives when our first MVP is in place.

Of course, we use the strong foundation we already have with our Rulecube engine. We can use datasets, set calculation rules and name process steps. But to replace a document, we need the ability to input forms and screens manually. Building a front-end for users on our business rule engine should be possible. With our MVP, you create your own smart forms that you embed in your landscape. The forms can calculate and initiate new actions in a workflow. With existing Rulecube technology, you build the APIs to integrate them into your IT landscape.

Slowly, we are starting to think about a name that does more justice to what our Excel-killer can do and that might also sound a little friendlier and a little less anti-Microsoft. After all, we are a Microsoft Partner and even part of the Azure Marketplace. There is nothing wrong with Excel, provided it is used for the right job.

A business analyst subjects our new solution to an initial test: rebuilding the first Excel sheet. Within an hour, the complex Excel document is converted into a full-fledged Rulecube tool. It does not yet look as fancy as we would like, but functionally, it fully matches our promise. What a result in such a short time!

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