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Hard deadlines require a flawless process

When assisting people in buying a home, time is of the essence. Mistakes in mortgage applications lead to miscommunication, re-applying, new quotes, new signatures, and a lot of time and resources.

Prevalidations allows you to check all available data against the lending criteria. You are notified of a discrepancy at the earliest time. This way you can check, adjust and finetune your application before even sending it. Get it right the first time.

What we can help you with

Data integrations

Your data model is our starting point. No need for expensive mapping projects. Connect multiple sources and map them into one base model within minutes.

Data enrichment

Add more value to your process by connecting external sources using our integrated plugins for personal data sources (Ockto), Open Data as well as commercial sources. Or extract data from documents using our OCR/AI plugin for Instabase.

Agile validation

Build business rules to validate your application. Change them. Change them again. With our low-code solution it’s easy and fast. Your landscape can move with your business.

Understand the outcome

A mortgage validation can consist of many rules. We offer insight into where your validation was declined and why. Transparant and auditable.

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Preliminary validation of
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How a Tier 1 bank creates

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Lightning fast

We are convinced tasks should never take more than 60 seconds. 

Easy to integrate and maintain

We enable drag and drop and visualize and do all sorts of things to make your life easier.

Clever configuration

We thought about audits, documentation, and automated testing so you don’t have to.

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