Faster Innovation: We’re piloting Reverse Engineering

Feb 19, 2024

Trying our hand at a new product approach

We love innovation and technology. We also don’t hide the fact that we are impatient. We like speed, for ourselves and for our customers. Our Innovation Lab aims to make ideas tangible as quickly as possible so that you, as an entrepreneur, can test whether your intended customers will be happy with them. The sooner you gather feedback, the sooner you can adjust your product development. You waste less time and money on things that don’t benefit your customers.

Recently, we read a couple of articles about Reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is a concept that most people associate with disassembling products to understand and replicate their design, architecture, or code. But in this context, it’s about approaching product development in a direction opposite from usual. You start at the end. This approach is inspired by Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why. You start at the “why. And the why is always the customer. For us, finding that “why” is the key to creating products that innovate and resonate with the people we make them.

So, what does that reverse engineering process look like? The end of the product development process is usually building the sales page and sales deck to “market” the product. In our reverse engineering process, we start there. And we test our ‘pitch’ with our target customer.

We believe in transparency and sharing positive and negative experiences. You usually learn the most from the latter. That’s why we share our reverse engineering process here on the Rulecube blog. We start next Tuesday. The RuleCube team will meet for the very first brainstorming session. In it, we will clearly articulate what our target customer has to gain from our new product. What do we want to promise our customers? What is the problem we are really solving? For now, we have given it the working title

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