Create more value for your customers by

becoming a Rulecube partner

Are you a fan of low-code development, but your clients have a complicated business?

Get both happy employees and happy customers and become a Rulecube partner.

Rulecube saves you time and headaches and gives you a leg up from the competition.

We love partnerships

We are impatient people. So we love speed. And that is best achieved when everybody does what they do best. You are great in your field, we are great with business rules and workflows. Let’s achieve more, faster, together.

We have several partnership types to match what you do for your clients. Connect with us to learn more about the details.

Our types of partners

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Independent Software Vendor

You create and sell your own software.

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Implementation Partner

Consultants and IT companies with specific branch or tech knowledge that utilize Rulecube as part of their client solutions.

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Referral Partner

Consultants, interim managers and IT companies that refer to us with their clients.

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Operations Partner

Business Analysts and developers that independently create solutions for clients with Rulecube.

“There is nothing like the energy of a well-oiled partnership that benefits all partners ànd the clients”

Mick Hanswijk

CEO Rulecube

Mick Hanswijik

How you join the Rulecube Partner Program


  1. We schedule a call to get to know each other. We talk about your ambitions and requirements. We give you a first introduction of Rulecube and show you the capabilities.
  2. We schedule a second meeting to discuss the various partnership options and the technical setup of our partnership.
  3. We draft a Partner agreement, that includes how we deal with contracting, support, rewards, sandboxing and instance creation.
  4. We setup your Rulecube environment and give you training in using Rulecube for your projects.
  5. You start your first project.

Why become a Rulecube partner? 

Focus on fun

Your people can focus on fun and challenging work. Rulecube automatically generates APIs and the documentation that comes with it. Save your team the tedious work of copy-paste activities.

Everyone wants to work with the best tools.

Be more competitive

Get a head start on the competition. Manually building APIs and hardcoding business rules is really expensive for your client. By using Rulecube, you are faster and cheaper.

Setting up your client’s environment is done within seconds. And from that moment on, they are flexible to adjust to the changes in their business.

Get happier clients

Your clients are happier because they have more control and are hyper-agile. Business rules change all the time. They are often at the heart of your clients’ proposition. Or they define their efficiency.

By putting your clients in control of their rules, they can change the way they work at any time.

"Rulecube allows us to deliver more to our clients in less time. Through this partnership we can be competitive without sacrificing quality of work."

Mark Leck

Contact us for a partnership conversation. We can’t wait to talk to you!