De Excel-killer: de eerste klant-feedback

mrt 19, 2024

Part III of our experience with Reverse Engineering our Excel killer

We ended our previous blog with it: the day after our kick-off, we saw the light in engineering and almost immediately after that, an appointment appeared in the calendar with a potential client. We thought our Excel killer might be a great fit for them….

Based on our product promise and the first outline of our product brochure, we put together a presentation. A first sales presentation like this is still sometimes a challenge, because you have to translate all your unique features into benefits from the customer’s perspective. But in this case, that is precisely our starting point.

On the day of the presentation we go to the meeting armed with Powerpoint and product sheet. Our story is concrete and to the point. And it hits the mark. The customer is wildly enthusiastic! What a great confirmation that the need we see is also recognized by the customer. Our ‘why’ in developing this product perfectly matches that of the customer.

The customer in question is a bank. They have been working for years with an Excel document for a crucial step in the loan application process. The document is full of calculations and macros. Employees have to make a copy of a document template. Annually, the template is updated to current fiscal figures, and in the interim, the bank’s standards can change. Working with such an excel document obviously involves enormous risks.

  • Employees can accidentally grab old versions
  • People can accidentally or deliberately change the calculation rules of a document
  • Documents must be saved manually in the right place.
  • Documents must be kept as long as legally required, but also deleted in a timely manner due to legislation such as AVG.
  • As part of the process, there is no direct connection between the content of the document and the next step. Someone still has to interpret the outcome of the excel document and deploy a next step in the system. Again, that tends to give rise to errors.

Our Excel-killer is made exactly for that situation. We replace the excel document with a tool that is set up centrally. Which is transparent about the rules used. And which can work as a link in a larger process, connected to the data sources and follow-up steps. Our client recognizes the Excel-killer as the solution to their problem.

Charged and enthusiastic, we leave the client’s office after an hour. Not only were we able to immediately validate our proposition, the customer is so excited that we are given the space to develop a Proof of Concept. So now we also have a very concrete use case to test our proposition with.

With our first technical insights and a concrete use case, we are going to build our MVP. No abstract user stories, but a real customer challenge to work on. We are really energized by all of this!

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