Innovation lab: Amplify your design sprint

Do you have the business knowledge and great ideas, but nog the technical skills to bring them to life? Our innovation lab is just what you need.

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the process steps of the design sprint

You have great ideas but no tech skills

What makes an idea great? An idea is a great idea when it answers the need of the client. So client feedback is crucial. The shorter you can make that feedback loop, the faster you can turn a good solution into a great one.

But what if you don’t have the technical skills to bring your idea to life? That is where our innovation lab comes in. The concept is simple. We sit down with you in your ideation stage. You share what you have in mind. We build as you share. So you can validate your ideas with your client base and improve on your product instantly.

What people say about innovation lab

Made all the difference

“In a day we had a working Proof of Concept. It was amazing to see our ideas come to life. The innovation lab team was vital for taking us to the next level.“

Rick te Molder

CX consultant

The benefits of Innovation Lab

Lightning fast

In our opinion, impatience is a virtue. We get you the results you need as fast as humanly possible. 

Shorter feedback loop

With a hypershort feedback loop, you save time and money. And you don’t waste energy on the wrong idea.

Clever minds

We bring more than just execution to the table: we understand complex IT challenges and have a ton of experience.

Some of our clients …

The standard innovation lab package includes


Preparation call

In preparation of your design sprint, we have a call to go over your ambitions, your background and any technical context we need to consider.


Ideation day

Our innovation specialist joins you for a full day. We build what you come up with. You get to utilize all our experience, knowledge and technical skills.


A working prototype

At the end of the day you have a working prototype. Not a clickable mockup, but an actual testable application.


Rulecube license for testing

To support your testing phase, you get to enjoy Rulecube for a full month after we deliver your prototype. This way you can test, validate, adjust, version to your liking.

Do you want more or want to know more? We are here for it!

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