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Fully integrated

The business should be owned by the business. IT should be the facilitator. So our tools are easy to use by business people. No development skills necessary. No deployment skills are required. And we promise no steep learning curves.

But don’t worry. Your IT people will be happy with us too. Want the techy details to inform them? Just send our Techsheet. You can download it via the button below.

Working with Rulecube

In its simplest form a new business model consists of a few simple steps. Make a ruleset by defining input variables and business rules. Save them. Your first could webservice based on knowledge is ready for use.

It’s easy to make simple input models manually. But if your business is complex, you can also use our drag-and-drop feature. You drop your JSON file on our editor and your model is automatically generated.   

Define what you know intuitively using rules and decision tables. Your business rule documentation is automatically generated in the process.

The moment you create or change a ruleset, a fast, cloud-based web service is created. This web service is available immediately to generate the needed results.

Multiple ruleset versions can be managed, run, and executed next to each other, so different consumers of your web services can integrate at a different pace.

Using Rulecube, you can mix rules, decision tables, and AI models.

Specify what you know in an effortless manner using rules and decision tables. And use our AI component for the areas where data is available, and rules are still to be explored, to create new insights.

You have your own AI models already available? You can integrate those in our platform as well.

Create your knowledge domain and automatically get an API that is documented, versioned, and deployed.

Your test cases are automatically run after each change so that your knowledge domain is protected against unexpected results.

Our built-in domain validators continuously look after your rule integrity.

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Becoming a Rulecube partner

Use Rulecube for your small business, startup or Enterprise clients

The Rulecube platform is suitable for almost any business or industry. If you are a development and implementation specialist, you can use Rulecube to deliver a more efficient solution.

We love to collaborate. Check out our partner page to see which type of partnerhsip fits you best.

Use cases

See how Rulecube helped our clients.

Nothing shows the possibilities of Rulecube like the stories of our clients.

Check our cases page to see what our clients achieved with Rulecube.

“Real power to create business value”

“Knowing the people behind Rulecube for many years, I was anxious to see how they would redesign the world of business rule engines. And as expected, they took it to another level. If you are looking for a platform to create powerful solutions, based on your knowledge, stop searching; this is the tool to use.”

Nathan Brouwer – EMEA Sales Director of Figlo

“We are more agile than ever”

“As a supplier of IT solutions and digital transformation services, we are always looking for the best solutions for our clients. Using Rulecube, we combine our knowledge of the industry with state-of-the-art technology. Rulecube really drives our creativity and innovation power.”

Mark Leck – Managing director of Yellowtail

Make Rulecube work for you

Our technology

What we really like about VueJS is its short learning curve. And its flexibility. It helps us to create great UI’s with less coding.
.Net Core helps us to create a robust and secure framework for our cross-platform cloud solutions.
By using Node, our developers can both maintain the front- and the back-end. It’s very fast, it scales and it supports our microservices model very well.
We use the leading open source AI platform TensorFlow for the machine learning features in our solution. It is backed by Google, has great community support and offers both low level and high level implementation paths.

It is also possible to include your own AI algorithms in your knowledge domains, as long as an API is available.

MongoDB is our database pick. It is fast, scalable, flexible, and has great features for high availability.
Azure provides us with an easy deployment path for our own cloud services. But as hosting has become a commodity, we support deployment to the other main hosting platforms as well.

Get all the techy details

If you want to have all the Tech details in one easy document, just download our Techsheet by clicking the button below.