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We understand you want the specs and you want them fast. Scroll down to find our tech stack and all the reasons why Rulecube is better than any other Business rule engine or workflow engine around.

See it work?

Watch this video to see us create a ruleset, an API and documentation in under 60 seconds. It gives you a quick feel of the speed of Rulecube. It’s perfect for impatient people. Need to see it all? Book a demo with the button below and we will show you everything you need to know.

How we do things better

Lightning fast

We are convinced tasks should never take more than 60 seconds. 

Easy to integrate and maintain

We enable drag and drop and visualize and do all sorts of things to make your life easier.

Clever configuration

We thought about audits, documentation, and automated testing so you don’t have to.

Lightning fast

Speed of implementation

We implement an API in seconds. Regardless of how complex your API inputmodel is.

Speed of deployment

Creating an API equals its go-live. So creating your API in seconds means deploying in seconds. Creating a new version means making a copy, give it a version number, configure the changes and you’re done. Taking an API offline is done with the click of a button.

Speed of adoption

We aim for a short learning curve. We train your team based on their technical expertise. A tech savvy team can be trained in half a day. Training business information managers with little technical background takes two to four days.

Speed of execution

Our NodeJS engine, powered by Google’s V8 engine, excels in speed with a just-in-time compiler for rapid execution of immutable business rules. Optimizing efficiency, the engine skips untouched rules during execution and calculates other rules only once.

Easy to integrate and maintain


Everything about Rulecube is created to waste as little time as possible on tedious repetitive work.

That’s why Rulecube API’s are restful and all rulesets can be called on stateless. Want to see a code example for an integration?


We are obsessed with making maintenance and compliance easy. For example:

  • SSO and MFA are a staple
  • We have roles and authorization on a granular level
  • We support the OTAP stages by offering an instance for every stage
  • Migrating between stages can be done with import/export or via automatic CI/CD using the Rulecube API.
  • We offer environment variables that allow you to configure the differences for every instance (API URLs, certificates, etc.
  • We offer field-specific one-way encryption
  • We log date, time, and user for all changes to the ruleset to support compliance and history/roll-back functionality.

Clever configuration

Massive extensibility options 

Rulesets can function as self-contained libraries for easy reuse in other rulesets.

Rulesets also support inheritance, so you can have child rulesets that inherit all definitions from a parent but differ in details.

Configure, don’t code

Business rules, calculation or decision models are configured. Everything is low-code. Definitions are based on functional programming, aligning with how most (rational) people think. We work with libraries to make life easier. If you can work with Excel, you can work with Rulecube.

Just checking

We perform continuous anomaly detection. If you’ve made a mistake, you’ll know. And every ruleset has its test cases, so you can check your ruleset unit-test-style. Every change to your ruleset prompts all tests and anything out of the ordinary is instantly shown on screen.

“Real power to create business value”

“Knowing the people behind Rulecube for many years, I was anxious to see how they would redesign the world of business rule engines. And as expected, they took it to another level. If you are looking for a platform to create powerful solutions, based on your knowledge, stop searching; this is the tool to use.”

Nathan Brouwer – EMEA Sales Director of Figlo

“We are more agile than ever”

“As a supplier of IT solutions and digital transformation services, we are always looking for the best solutions for our clients. Using Rulecube, we combine our knowledge of the industry with state-of-the-art technology. Rulecube really drives our creativity and innovation power.”

Mark Leck – Managing director of Yellowtail

Our technology

What we really like about VueJS is its short learning curve. And its flexibility. It helps us to create great UI’s with less coding.
.Net Core helps us to create a robust and secure framework for our cross-platform cloud solutions.
By using Node, our developers can both maintain the front- and the back-end. It’s very fast, it scales and it supports our microservices model very well.
We use the leading open source AI platform TensorFlow for the machine learning features in our solution. It is backed by Google, has great community support and offers both low level and high level implementation paths.

It is also possible to include your own AI algorithms in your knowledge domains, as long as an API is available.

MongoDB is our database pick. It is fast, scalable, flexible, and has great features for high availability.

We want to fit into your landscape as well as possible. So in on-premise installations, we also support MS SQL Server.


Azure provides us with an easy deployment path for our own cloud services. But as hosting has become a commodity, we support deployment to the other main hosting platforms as well.

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