Especially for our client specific calculations, Rulecube is a real problem-solver.

Nathan Brouwer  Enterprise Account Executive Figlo

Replacing a calculation engine

The Industry
Financial services

The company
Figlo offers solutions for financial planning and financial advice to independant financial advisors, franchise corporations and enterprise institutions like insurance companies and banks. Some of those clients use an off-the-shelf SaaS solution, some use bespoke solutions.

The result
Figlo uses Rulecube to add estate planning calculations to their products and webservices.

Using Rulecube, Figlo built calculations, web services, and notifications for estate planning. Figlo provides solutions for advisors using generic advice software and for banks, insurance companies, and franchises. Figlo’s enterprise clients sometimes want to interpret a law or regulation in a specific way. Or they want to implement their company-specific notifications. Using Rulecube, these clients can duplicate a ruleset and add their unique details.   

One of the things Figlo appreciated the most about Rulecube was the short learning curve. The business analysts were able to implement their first ruleset the same day they started using Rulecube.

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