Rulecube and Yellowtail engage in an exclusive partnership

Oct 20, 2021

Consultancy and software developer Yellowtail Conclusion has entered into a strategic partnership with Rulecube, a SAAS solution startup for low-code APIs based on business rules. The partnership makes Yellowtail an exclusive distributor of the Rulecube solution within the financial services domain. Yellowtail provides all the necessary services and contractual security for banks and insurers. Both parties see the collaboration as a way to significantly accelerate their development.

With Rulecube’s innovative technology you can define decision rules, such as those for assessing loan applications, in a simple way and directly convert them into an API. The technology can be used in all industries and has so far been applied by various financial service providers.

“By using Rulecube, we can integrate faster, more transparent and more stable business rules into our solutions.”

says Matthijs Mons, Managing Director at Yellowtail Conclusion. “For our customers, transparency in the use of rules and calculations is essential. So is the ability to respond quickly to changes in regulations and market conditions. With Rulecube, we can make a big leap forward in this.”

Mick Hanswijk, the founder of Rulecube, says he is happy with the collaboration. “Corporate organizations benefit from a strong, stable partner with extensive knowledge of the domain. Yellowtail is that partner. This allows us to focus on further developing our solution. Everyone benefits from that.”

About Yellowtail

Yellowtail designs, builds, and manages digital and data-driven software solutions for the financial industry and has done so for 15 years. Its mission is to improve the quality of the financial lives of consumers. Their products and services help activate consumers, offer them the capacity to act, and install trust in making (better) financial decisions. Creating the ultimate client experience is the focus. Their domain focus offers Yellowtail a deep understanding of the underlying processes, data, and technology, like robotics and machine learning. Read more about Yellowtail 

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