Farewell to the working title: welcome Rulecube Forms

Apr 16, 2024

The first MVP is now pretty much finished. We still want to make more improvements to make the looks a little nicer, but functionally, we are ready. We noticed that because we are solving a very concrete problem, we are conversing with people from our target audience more easily than before. And we noticed something else: Until now, we were mainly talking to the IT department first about Rulecube. A technically driven product appeals to the technical employee. By naming the why of our product first and defining it primarily from the business perspective, this changed. We now get into conversation with business people more easily. Our movement from an IT-landscape-why to a business-landscape-why reverses our sales process. The process is more effective as a result. However, we do see a few other areas of concern.

An aggressive working title

The working title “Excel-killer” has been used more outwardly than we ever have with a working title. Although it denotes precisely what problem we are solving, it is not that positive. We brainstorm for a name that is better and fits the perception of the business. We come up with Rulecube Forms. After all, we build smart forms that you can fit into your process. For all its simplicity, the name needs to do more justice to how technically advanced the application is. But isn’t that precisely where traditional design processes go wrong? That the focus becomes the technology instead of the raison d’être? The name should match the Why.

The appearance of being simplistic

Our reverse engineering process introduces a tremendous focus. With all our focus on the why, we sometimes must remember to mention to the customer that Rulecube Forms is part of the Rulecube suite. With that, we also forget to tell them that it comes with all sorts of functionality that WE consider a given. Think APIs, documentation, versioning, transparent, auditable rules, etc. As a result, we are repeatedly reminded by customer questions to keep telling the whole Rulecube story.

We continue to polish Rulecube Forms with hope and anticipation of a launching customer. In the meantime, we will supplement our materials with the broader Rulecube story.

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