Faster, data driven

Embeddable Workflow Engine

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Your challenge

Our embeddable Workflow Engine helps your organization create data-driven, API-first business processes within your own software solution.
Your challenge is that you want to create a customer journey that complies with many rules and regulations while keeping your organization lean, mean, and agile.

Separate customization from your generic software. Using an embeddable Workflow Engine helps you to create and maintain complex processes in a constantly changing market.

What we can help you with

Design your workflow

Our design canvas allows you to visually sketch out your workflow. Drag and drop your workflow components. Shuffle them around. Add a step. It’s all easy.

Scale as you grow

Add your rulesets to your library and reuse them. Work with parent and child rulesets. And enjoy the versioning that allows you to create new sets without breaking the old.

Audits included

Record every step of your model execution. Reviewing what happened is as easy as hitting playback, down to every last detail.

Integrate what you have

Rulecube also functions as your integration layer. No need to change everything to make life easier. Just use what you have.

Our clients include…

Lightning fast

We are convinced tasks should never take more than 60 seconds. 

Easy to integrate and maintain

We enable drag and drop and visualize and do all sorts of things to make your life easier.

Clever configuration

We thought about audits, documentation, and automated testing so you don’t have to.

Want to see how Rulecube can speed up your workflow?