Faster, data driven Dynamic Case Management

Your organization has complex case management. You want to give your clients the personal attention they deserve. But you don’t want to use your valuable resources for steps that don’t add value for you client and can be automated.  Our dynamic case management solution has just what you need.

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Your challenge

Dynamic case management is about bringing data, people, and documents together in an efficient process. Your challenge is that your data is contained in legacy systems, documents are not uniform, and people are unpredictable.

Our Dynamic case management solution helps you connect all these elements fast, efficiently and hyper-agile.

What we can help you with

Data integration

We allow you to build an API-first workflow in seconds. You can use any data model you want. Just drag and drop it onto Rulecube and take it from there.

Document interpretation

Create your own documents and interpret documents you receive. You decide if you want an AI assisted assessment of the document or if you want to asign a task to an employee to check it.

Workflow Management

With our eight simple building blocks you can drag and drop your workflow process on a design canvas. If you can think it, you can create it.


Audit all your changes creating your workflow. And audit how a process is executed. No black box, but a transparant and uniform process for everyone.

Our clients include…

Lightning fast

We are convinced tasks should never take more than 60 seconds. 

Easy to integrate and maintain

We enable drag and drop and visualize and do all sorts of things to make your life easier.

Clever configuration

We thought about audits, documentation, and automated testing so you don’t have to.

Want to see how Rulecube can speed up your case management?