Our company


Our story

We develop Enterprise solutions and Knowledge management systems for more than 20 years now. It’s our firm belief that many existing systems are way too complex.

These two factors result in a new and refreshing way to turn your company’s knowledge into state of the art IT building blocks that are ready to use.

Our team

Our professionals are passionate about the combination of business and IT. Creating solutions that make your business grow is what drives us every day.

All our team members understand the position of the business, keep up with all latest tech trends, and have a clear overview of our tech stack and the markets we support.

Our method

Our software is developed and designed in co-creation with our partners and their clients.

Short development cycles make our solution more than agile.

We are committed to create the best fit for your business case.

We love to build generic software for tailor-made solutions.

Technology driven business innovation

In the last thirty years, I have been helping companies with strategy decisions combining business and technology. I love to create ‘innovativity’ within companies by changing the mindset of both people and organizations. 

It’s my vast belief that Rulecube can have the same effect on your company.

Mick Hanswijk
Co-owner and co-founder Rulecube

Mick Hanswijik

We love collaboration

What we love most is solving our clients’ challenges as fast as possible. That’s why we prefer to start a Proof of Concept as soon as possible in our collaboration. It helps us to understand your business, your challenges and it proofs how fast Rulecube can fix things. Our customers can testify to that.

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