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Revolutionizing technology

to transform ideas into reality with minimal effort.


We want you to have unparalleled speed and cost efficiency. And for that, you need what we call hyper-agility: an organization’s ability to change instantly. The only way to achieve hyper-agility is for business people to control and own change of the business. IT should be just a facilitator. Transforming ideas into reality should be effortless.

We build the tools that empower business ideas and creativity. We make it easy to create business rules, workflows, API’s and business applications in mere seconds. And we won’t stop untill we’ve removed every obstacle to create end-to-end solutions.

Impatient geeks

Every member of the Rulecube team has their own field of expertise, but we do have these things in common:

We are impatient

We consider that a quality. We don’t waste time. not our own and not our clients. We love efficiency, clarity and speed.

We are geeks

No matter what our area of expertise, we are geeky about it. Learning new things every day, diving into the details, making an effort to know all there is to know.

We are unconventional

We look for the alternative. Our creative thinking allows us to revolutionize how things are done.

Our stats.

25 years experience

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2 days average sprint duration<br />

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1m client files an hour

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Technology driven business innovation

In the last thirty years, I have been helping companies with strategy decisions combining business and technology. I love to create ‘innovativity’ within companies by changing the mindset of both people and organizations. 

It’s my vast belief that Rulecube can have the same effect on your company.

Mick Hanswijk
Co-owner and co-founder Rulecube

Mick Hanswijik

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