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Configurable core banking

Five Degrees offers core banking technology. Their latest product °neo is a cloud-native core banking platform built from scratch. This platform is native to Microsoft Azure and embodies the learnings of a decade of core banking experience.

They use Rulecube to orchestrate business rules withing °neo.

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Guided financial advice

Figlo is one of the industry leaders in personal financial planning software.

By using rules, based on their data model and calculated results, we provided guidance to financial advisors. We also implemented Estate Planning calculations for both their generic product and their enterprise clients.

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Mortgage pre-validation

This tier one bank wanted to go the extra mile for their clients: offering clarity in the earliest stage of buying a home. With over 200 rules that go with applying for a mortgage, this was no small task. But with the use of Rulecube and a clear communication using traffic light icons, the results were great. An example of great collaboration with our partner network.


We are more agile than ever

As a supplier of IT solutions and digital transformation services, we are always looking for the best solutions for our clients.

Using Rulecube, we combine our knowledge of the industry with state-of-the-art technology. Rulecube really thrives our creativity and innovation power.

Mark Leck
Managing director

Logo DAK

Improving First Time Right

DAK is a service provider in the financial services industry. With the help of Rulecube, our partners built a mortgage pre-validation system: Hypact-hub. 

30 Mortgage providers and 1500 advisors, all combined in one system.

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