We need the highest quality for our banking clients. And Rulecube offers just that.

Jeffrey Severijn  CTO Five Degrees

Enhancing a core banking platform

The Industry
Financial services

The company
Five Degrees offers core banking technology. Their latest product °neo is a cloud-native core banking platform built from scratch. This platform is native to Microsoft Azure and embodies the learnings of a decade of core banking experience.

The result
Five Degrees uses Rulecube to orchestrate business rules within °neo.

Core banking technology supports the very heart of banking. It holds how financial products behave and manage interest calculations, withdrawals, penalties, and other banking activities. It stores the contracts and data management of those contracts and much more. Five Degrees offers a cloud-native core banking platform °neo.

Native to Microsoft Azure, they work from a best in breed philosophy. This means they focus on building core banking specific technology to operate within a modular architecture. If functionality is already available in the ecosystem that meets the high standard required for a bank, they embrace that as much as possible. With Rulecube, Five Degrees orchestrates the business rules that involve calculations. These can deviate a lot per client and need to be instantly adjustable.

To be sure Rulecube would meet their high standards, we started our collaboration with a Proof of Concept. During this POC timeframe, we trained the people that work with the business rules within °neo. This form of collaboration assured Five Degrees to have the best available solution whilst not losing valuable time.

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