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The Industry
Financial services

The company
DAK is a service provider in the financial services industry. They offer a single point of contact for 1500 mortgage advisors and intermediaries to 150 financial organizations. Their daily activities exist of assisting advisors with finding the best possible product for their clients, performing mid office tasks and evaluating mortgage and insurance applications and accepting or declining them on behalf of a set of mortgage providers.

The result
On behalf of DAK, our partner Yellowtail built a mid-office application that includes pre-validation of mortgages.

Independant Financial advisors can use the services of DAK to apply for a mortgage with one of their 30 mortgage providers. For this, they use an advisor portal that processes the client information in the DAK mid office. Yellowtail built a mid office system and implemented a pre-validation system using Rulecube. This system checks if the mortgage application fits the acceptance criteria of the mortgage provider. If it does not, there is an instant feedback loop to the advisor. Because of this instant feedback loop, the advisor can immediately act and adjust the mortgage application. This speeds up the process for everyone involved. The back office of DAK is not unnecessarily burdened with unrealistic applications or data entry mistakes. This in turn allows the mid-office to deal with the other applications sooner.

Yellowtail is part of the Rulecube partner program. When DAK contacted them to build a new and improved mid-office system, they could include an advanced pre-validation using Rulecube. As partner, we keep them informed on the latest new features and capabilities and team up where needed in the client conversation.

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