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SCRUM is not agile enough

You really need that change. That small extra step that brings your company the innovation everybody wants. Or the fix to the liability risk you are facing. No problem. Your team is just wrapping up a sprint today. You may have something in two weeks.

We know some things can’t take two weeks. They can’t even take two hours. Business can’t always wait two weeks and SCRUM is just not fast enough. You need hyper-agility.

RuleCube is a business rule engine and low-code API builder, designed to handle complex data models. We enable change in the blink of an eye.

Change is hard and costly

The more knowledge and regulations are involved, the more expensive change becomes. It’s like changing the string of a spider web. Change one thing and risk breaking it all.

IT people are scarce

IT staff is hard to come by. But you need them to make changes to your system. That means you have to prioritize work.

You need work from third parties

With most changes, you need work from outsiders. You are never sure how much work it will take and how much it will cost. Just that the invoice is yours to pay.

The business is not in charge

The subject specialist has the power of knowledge, the IT has the power of change. And neither are eager to give up that power. The process is leading, not the business.

Rulecube in 90 seconds

Watch the video to understand how business innovation, complex data, Artificial Intelligence and business rules come together with Rulecube. It will take just 90 seconds of your time. Want to know more details about what Rulecube can do, check out our solutions page.

If it takes two weeks to learn, it is not low-code

That is what we live by. We combine over 25 years of experience in enterprise solutions with really smart technology. And we do that fast and simple. No nonsense, just tools that help you get where you want to be. Now.

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Agility by design

Drag and drop. It’s that simple to integrate complex data models and rules. Start defining your business rules in seconds. And create APIs on the fly.

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Audits included

Record every step of your model execution. Reviewing what happened is as easy as hitting playback, down to every last detail.

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Easy integrations

All of your API versions run side-by-side. Clients or suppliers can integrate at their own pace. IT changes won’t hold you back in your innovation anymore.

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Undo at any time

Don’t like the results of your new business rules? Just hit undo. The source versioning and change history will ensure nothing is lost.

Get these details in an overview document to send to your team by downloading the brochure.

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