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What is a business rule engine?

With a Business Rule Engine (BRE), you automate decisions in your organization. With a BRE you define when and under what conditions you make a decision and what action or consequence you attach to it. With Rulecube’s Business Rule Engine you also define the process or workflow within which decisions are made and arrange API integration with the systems – data sources and software programs – within which those decisions and process steps must be taken.

Our clients include…

What can Rulecube help you with?

Dynamic Case Management

Manage Complex Cases in a more customer centric yet efficient way.

Embeddible Workflow Engine

Create data-driven, API-first business processes within your own software solution.

Smart Signals

Keep track of your customers, generate commercial leads and gain insights in your customer’s risks or chances.

Embeddable Business Rule Engine

Take care of all your customers’ demands but also keep investing in your generic road map.

If it takes two weeks to learn, it is not low-code

That is what we live by. We combine over 25 years of experience in enterprise solutions with really smart technology. And we do that fast and simple. No nonsense, just tools that help you get where you want to be. Now.

Lightning fast

We are convinced tasks should never take more than 60 seconds. 

Easy to integrate and maintain

We enable drag and drop and visualize and do all sorts of things to make your life easier.

Clever configuration

We thought about audits, documentation, and automated testing so you don’t have to.

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