Low-code solution for business rules and API creation

Unleash your knowledge


RuleCube is a business rule engine, designed to handle complex data models. It has AI modeling fully integrated, so the data your business is creating can be used to get new insights.

Rulecube automatically turns your business rules into APIs for easy integration in your IT landscape.

We enable the business to experiment and create innovative solutions using modern IT paradigms like microservices, no-deployment, and low-code/no-code. Integration in your IT landscape is a breeze. Your IT department will love our solution!


Easy to use

Define your business with the least technical knowledge.


More than Agile

Start now and add value to your business within minutes.

Endless Integrations

Easily integrate with your existing systems through our simple API.

AI driven

Mix rules, decision tables and AI models in your knowledge domains.

No lock-in

Our modern open architecture ensures the portability of the solutions you create with Rulecube.

Increase business value

In a fast-changing world, business innovation is driven by complex data, large systems, and a lot of rules. With its powerful technology and fully integrated Artificial Intelligence, Rulecube will help you cut through this mayhem.

The platform enables you to create new insights and business opportunities.

We bring over 25 years of experience in enterprise solutions.

Your benefits

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Agility by design

Drag and drop. It’s that simple to integrate complex data models and rules. Start defining your business rules in seconds. And create APIs on the fly.

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Audits included

Record every step of your model execution. Reviewing what happened is as easy as hitting playback, down to every last detail.

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Easy integrations

All of your API versions run side-by-side. Clients or suppliers can integrate at their own pace. IT changes won’t hold you back in your innovation anymore.

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Undo at any time

Don’t like the results of your new business rules? Just hit undo. The source versioning and change history will ensure nothing is lost.